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Endless Platonic Romance


An ode to friends who were torn apart by the violence of oncoming war.

  • Dealbreaker by Rachael Yamagata
  • The End (The Doors) by JEOPARDIZE
  • Miss You by Polly Scattergood
  • Breathe Me (Sia Cover) by leroyverbeet
  • Emilie Autumn What If Celtic Mix by the_rayven_effect
  • What's Wrong With Me? by Julia Stone
  • Falling by Polly Scattergood
  • By your side (Cocorosie cover) by leroyverbeet
  • I Wanna Be Your Dog by Iggy Pop
9 tracks
2 comments on Endless Platonic Romance

The Rayven Effect: I've heard the band on a mixtape, or at least I think it's them. Because it's a tape, I have never been able to track this band down. I think it might be The Rayven Effect. How can I track them down to find out if the song I'm referring to is sung by them?

what song are you referring to? I can help you track the band you're referring to if you elongate on the subject. (sorry for the late reply)