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What You Would Call, "Hipster Sh☂t."


Songs that most likely no one has ever friggin' heard...but you'll get on my good side if you take a chance and enjoy them. :)

This 35 track playlist is a big ol' middle finger to Top 40 and all that it stands for.

The instrumentals are at the very end, my OCD compelled me to inform you of this.

32 tracks
1 comment on What You Would Call, "Hipster Sh☂t."

This is some REALLY good stuff you've chosen. I hear a lot of chillwave — or chillwave-like — stuff. It's right up my street.

This makes my hipster glasses totally worth it.

Thank you so much. A lot of these songs found ME as opposed to me finding them, (such a hipster thing to say) hahaha