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Good Old Progressive...

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more than five years passed since I've Started Good Old Progressive mixes... Still to this day lots of people like my mixes... And I still enjoy it myself... I think great things never get old or out of style... Thanks again from anyone that through these five years kept on listening!!! :D Cheers for what this was and for more 5 years to come!!!

Thanks to everyone that listened and liked my mix over these years!!! The Mix was certified GEM because of all your support...



nice move in to Camel (another to feature the Sinclair cousins - Richard & Dave - who BOTH played with Hatfield & the North)

This is by far the best prog rock mix I have heard to date and I am only two songs in... BOTH songs I had never heard before.


Awesome start to this mix with Caravan - IMMEDIATELY recognized the Sinclair magic - Dave Sinclair went on to one of the best prog rock bands of all time (imho) - Hatfield & the North

Check out Rotter's Club by Hatfield & the North when you get a chance. You won't regret it!