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Video Game Music Selection Volume 1


I remember my cousins playing Street Fighter II and Contra III (Probotector!) on the Super Nintendo, but I wasn't really impressed to be honest. Nope, my love affair started when my brother pushed a Playstation controller into my hands. I was in awe. The game: Battle Arena Toshinden. It's like a girl that was really hot at the time, but when you look back she really wasn't all that.

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Ditto, I was pen pals (sorta kinda) with you and a few other like minded peoples so I was kinda bummed when it just went ghost. Glad I found you though...inthatnoncreepyway

I played battle arena on gameboy (which surprisingly was a great port). I'd have to say it was definitely namco's instrumental works paired with hideo kojima's wild self that gave me an auditory trip in my youth. Hey btw, I think we were imeem buddies a while ago...

I can hardly remember the imeem days, shame because it was the only quasi-social network that I liked being part of.

That was also the game I was exposed to when I first played PS. It was a demo at the local mall and everyone crowded around to get a piece of that. Brilliant!