286 comments on Dubstep Your Friends Haven't Heard by JimmysOnFire

Classy tunes bro, I love finding new dub. It's like getting a present or a raging boner for the first time, can't stop smiling. Not the same feelings for this playlist but it's crazy nuts

dope ass mix bro, just the kinda filth I've been looking for, cept I swear I've heard I think one or two songs that sound exactly the same as these but have different names?

Do you know the names of those other songs? Sometimes artists will have 2 different names for a song while its in production and then only have one when it releases. Let me know and I'll see if I have to correct anything or help out.

im not going to lie,the picture of the pikachu brought me here... i then stayed due to the variety of filth that came from my speakers. well constructed playlist, love it