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Party All Day/Party All Night


This playlist consisting of 127 house/trance/ electronic music will keep the party going all day and night. So chug some redbull, take a shot of vodka, and get ready to party your ass off!

112 tracks
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I wish I could, but I don't think I can add a download link for all 127 tracks. But you can find nearly all of the songs in zippyshare, hulkshare, or zippytunes for free. Hope that helps.

I've once before here on 8tracks downloaded a playlist contained of 200 tracks or so. Unfortionaly I dont remember what site it was uploaded on. Anyway thanks for making this incredible awesome mix. Hope that you will make more. Followed you :)

Just did some some research. There is this site called www.largefilesasap.com where you can send files up to 2gb for free. If you would take your time to combine those awesome 127 tunes with winrar or simply just put it all into a folder and send it to N-2the-p-2the-n@hotmail.com via that website, I would love you forever and ever.
Ofc its alot to ask, so only if you got time to do it.
Sorry for the spam :)