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  • Reflection (Piano Cover) by kendanker
  • Love Me by Yiruma
  • Think Of Me by Think of Me
  • Forrest Gump Piano Theme by Orchida Rose
  • Wedding Dress Piano Improvisation by Teayang
  • I Dreamed A Dream Piano Cover by Jamie Lim 1
  • All Of Me Piano Cover By Hossam Abdeen by Hossam Abdeen
  • kiss goodbye wang lee hom_piano cover by Runa Shinto
  • More Than Words Piano Solo by Extreme
  • All Of The Stars (Piano & String Cover) by Ed Sheeran
  • E.T. Theme by RockGentleman
  • Safe & Sound Piano Version (HQ 192kb) by Taylor Swift ft. The Civil Wars
  • The Music Of The Night (Piano Cover) by Eduardo Blankenburg
  • Seasons of Love by Donny Osmond
14 tracks
4 comments on Tranquil

@jinggglin Extraordinary! I am thinking that this track, "kiss goodbye wang lee hom_piano cover Runa Shinto" might be too fast for me for sleep... I usually like 1 beat per second or less for my sleep, meditation, or study music, which has been known to assist alpha wave states! I will try this for sleep and see if that track works (or if it wakes me up). Thanks again!

I've listened to 8 of the 14 tracks so far and this comes closest to being the most perfect sleep playlist I've listened to so far! For me it must be completely instrumental. Lyrics just trigger me to think and stay awake. So thank you for this playlist!