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An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness


If you want to experience a 5 hour long musical "o" face this playlist is for you! It is collection of my favorite soundtracks, piano, and orchestral pieces.

Thanks for listening! :)

An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness Part II

An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness Part III

70 tracks
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"Epic" is right. Fantastic playlist. Like many of the commenters here, I've come here because I need to write and study. Thank you for giving me an inspirational soundtrack.

can you send me the track listing for this playlist at lennonmarshall at yahoo dot com? please and thank you

Hey I know a bunch of friends who use this playlist every day when they are studying or working or driving or just relaxing. You made these moments much more wonderful with your playlist and all the awesome songs you picked. Thank you a lot, my studying would not be the same without your great work!! :))