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An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness III


If you enjoyed the first two 5.5 hour long musical "o" faces, then this 6 hour long playlist is really going to rock your 'business socks' (FOTC reference. If you got that please marry me!) A continuation of amazing soundtracks, piano, and orchestral pieces.

Part I

Part II

92 tracks
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I can't believe here is Hijo de la Luna (Instrumental), This is really Epic, awesome and wonderful. Thank you for your playlist. Have a happy life.

@richv2.ricardocarrera2 I stumbled across that on Pandora! I usually just type in a composer or pianist into it and I find all of this wonderful music! I have so much to upload. It has been forever since I have had time to do so though :( Thanks for listneing though mate! Glad you enjoyed it :)

@Carloshur I will, promise! I have so many songs accumulated that I need to down/upload. But I'm so glad you have enjoyed the ones I've made so far! :) Thank you for listening!

@SamirM1988 Well thank you Sir! I will hopefully be able to put another one together soon... I do have like 4 epic playlists worth of music stored. Yes, I have a music problem hahahhaha