272 comments on An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness by Jinxygirl

Ahhh if this is still active could you send me the track list for these 3 playlists?? I can send you my email privately! I would GREATLY appreciate it!! Thanks!! This playlist is AMAZING

So happy that unlimited streaming is back. This is the first playlist I came back to now that the restrictions have been lifted. I have greatly missed your wonderful Epic playlists.

"Epic" is right. Fantastic playlist. Like many of the commenters here, I've come here because I need to write and study. Thank you for giving me an inspirational soundtrack.

Hey, can you please send me the tracks list :)? Been listening to this for 4 years straight now! cchrisi@ hotmail . com

can you send me the track listing for this playlist at lennonmarshall at yahoo dot com? please and thank you

Hey I know a bunch of friends who use this playlist every day when they are studying or working or driving or just relaxing. You made these moments much more wonderful with your playlist and all the awesome songs you picked. Thank you a lot, my studying would not be the same without your great work!! :))

This is a wonderful playlist. Thanks very much. I've favourited your epic compilation of awesomeness 3. But it's a pity that compilation 2 is no longer available. Keep up the good work, and thanks again for sharing.

@jaywalker50 Sorry they removed half of the songs from soundcloud and I can't be bothered to download and redo 6 hours of music. Super frustrating haha. Maybe one day I will get around to it!

what happened to epic compilation of awesomeness 2??? it was my favourite study track! love all yur playlists though!

@fifididi 8tracks apparently took it off public. I went to look now and all of the songs are getting deleted in the next week it says and I have no idea why... they want me to reupload like 80 of the 90 songs on the list. I don't know what is with this site anymore. I made that playlist like a year ago :/

nearly 2 years since i am following your stuff, yet .. you are STILL awesome jinxy ;) stay hot, stay ambitious. you add so much to the world - your way!

I love this playlist. Whenever exam and final paper season rolls around, I bust this baby out. It is the perfect study list hands down.

I hope it has helped ease the stress of studying! I'm really glad you enjoyed it and thank you for listening! ^_^

Hi @gletour , sorry but for this mix I just used songs I found on Soundcloud bc I hadn't figured out how to download/upload music haha. Yes, sad, I know. But the only descriptions I have are the ones on the playlist. I had three Beethoven songs in here. 1. Moonlight Sonata, 2. 5th Symphony, 3. Fur Elise. Sorry I can't give you any further information! I only started using my own music in the third epic playlist. Glad you enjoyed the music though and thank you for listening :)

Hi. You have one song called 16 the Letter, which I really loved. Is this the real name, when I looked for it elsewhere I couldn't find it. The mix is really great by the way!

cHi Suzanne, that song is surprisingly from the movie soundtrack for "The Town". It is called "The Letter". I've tried to attach the link twice but 8tracks won't let me. You should be able to find it on youtube but if you can't just flick me an email! Thank you for listening :)