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Sorry mate, I just used songs I found on soundcloud for the first and second compilations because I didn't know how to upload. And now they I have actually uploaded some music I wouldn't even know how to organize a download link lol. I am technologically inept. If you want to let me know I can do that for any future playlists though. Sorry! Thanks for listening though! :)

That's alright, I guess for the future to make a download link you would need to download each song individually, stick them in a folder and upload that to some file sharing site like mega or zippyshare. Get a friend to help you if you struggle though haha, thanks anyway.

I checked out many study playlist but not even a single one is good like yours. I think I am stuck with your three epic compilations for the next 7 months. Nov 18th is my last exam :)

Oh Jeez! I better get on making another one or you will be so sick of them by then haha! I'm really glad you enjoy them so much! I'm sure there are lots of amazing study playlists out there! I have found quite a few! I really enjoyed these:


Hope any of those can help you with your studies! Good luck Sir and thank you for listening! =)

Nice playlist, however it seems that "Main Titles from Cider House Rules grapeTownSound" plays only the L side of the stereo. Please re-upload proper stereo track. Thanks, nice playlist otherwise ;)

One of my friends suggested all of your instrumental playlists, and I'm so glad! It's absolutely the best music for programming and studying! Keep up the great work! :)

Wow, I'm flattered! So glad you enjoyed them though and that they helped you with your work! Thank you for listening! :D

Sounds amazing! I did art as a third major in college, did mostly metal work though. I usually spent my all my weekends on art and jamming out, so glad to be of assistance madame! Thank you for listening! :D

I can't tell you how awesome this is! Got a deadline tomorrow and I've been coding for about 13 hrs, this on repeat has been a HUUUGE help! Will check out part 2 and 3 next. Thank you!! <3

Oh my goodness! I would die! I work at an IT company and we don't even work our developers that hard haha! Good luck with the deadline, hope the music keeps you going! :D

Submitted it in good time, thanks! It was a university assignment, and like a typical student, I left it to the last day :D

My friend recommended all of your compilations, and they are helping me get through my dissertation and other assignments... Thank you! :)

Wow, that is extremely flattering. It is one thing for people to stumble across them and listen, it is another thing for people to tell others about them. Seriously thank you for giving my playlists a listen! Tell your friend thank you as well haha! I am really glad they are helping you! Good luck! =)

It's nothing but the honest to God truth! I played the cello and piano growing up, and it's nice to hear some old classics like the Canon and experience new ones! I shall and thank you! I can't wait to listen to number 2 and 3! but need to finish this one first!

Haha glad you are aren't getting sick of them! I will try to get a new one up ASAP so you won't get bored :p Been too busy outdoors instead of making playlists lol.

Thanks for listening! :D