272 comments on An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness by Jinxygirl

This mix is just as beautiful as you are ;)
Perfect for relaxing or when you have to work and you're not in the mood.

Cheers from Italy!

Hahaha you are full of it! This playlist is way more beautiful than that :p But glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for listening!

Cheers (from the end of the earth) haha

This is a beautifully chosen compilation of music. Excellent taste! i just finished writing a really long journal entry for my directing class, the last one of the semester, and a song from the Patriot was playing and it made a really meaningful moment even better. Life really is so much cooler with a soundtrack, and this is the perfect one. Thank you lots!

It is getting me through my accounts at the moment and that is bad enough. 2 analysis papers sound like death! Good luck haha! Glad it helped! :p

Revising's been somewhat productive since I've started listening to this, been looking for something like this for ages, great mix!

Glad it was helpful! I needed something to listen to at work that didn't have lyrics and wouldn't put me to sleep haha. Thank you for listening! :D

Nice, what sort of work do you do? Recommended this playlist to a couple of mates and they're all using it to get through our Masters exams! Cheers x

Wow, I'm flattered you liked it so much haha! I just work in accounts at an IT company. Hard for me to concentrate when the songs have lyrics. Also, always good to try and make my job feel more epic than it actually is lol :p

it's the most amazing playlist I've found on 8tracks. It works for mornings, office hours, studying and evenings. Highly recommended!

Wow, thank you so much for the compliment! Glad you found it so versatile. I was pretty surprised so many people were into this type of music. I just like music without lyrics to play at work and was struggling to find a playlist that could get me through the day so I made these two. Working on another one as well. Thanks for listening though! :D

NZ= the best place on earth. If you love that outdoors that is haha. I come from a small hillbilly town in NY and used to hike all the time as a kid so this place is like heaven! Hoping they keep giving me visas and don't kick me out! lol :p

i know what you mean! i lived in barbados (small Caribbean island) until i escaped and began travelling the world....now im in london

have to say....i think i like australia better :P

Wow, thank you for the kind words! I am really glad you enjoyed it so much! I put some of your playlists onto my listen later section. Can't wait to hear them! Thanks for listening :)

Listening to such kind of music after long long time. The cold night, coffee and this music with my research work is a perfectly desirable combination. Thank you :)

Just got done with a massive amount of homework, you can't believe how much I accomplished while listening to this! So many great songs from all these movies I used to watch! :) Best studying mix ever! Thanks so much! Algebra 2 and Science can kiss my ass :D (Now to study the review.) -.- lol thanks. :) <3 P.S. you should make more, or try different mixes? Idk! Keep them coming! :)

What a comment! lol. Glad this was so motivational! :p I do have a second one. I would have more playlists but I can't find a jillion songs... still have to learn how to upload. Im technologically inept -__- lol. Thanks for listening though!