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WTF?? (Sorry for late reply :)). I haven't listen great classical mix for a while. Are you studying Classical Music or something like that? Really good track selection especially in 30 min.Great acoustical and emotinal flow between tracks.

10 years later... ;) hahaha. But no I just listen to a lot of it at work because lyrics distract me. Have about 15 pandora stations dedicated to classical or theme music haha. I might have a little obsession. Glad you enjoyed it though and that wasn't a "wtf" is this crap expression! hahha

Trying to find perfect playlist to study for the exam. Going for enormous total of 11 papers in 15 days ,need lot of sleepless nights. The playlist just perfect fit for it.

I can't even imagine the pain you are about to go through lol. I hope this playlist can help a bit. Good luck!! :p

There's no pain more of a fear but target is to tempting. Red bull and music are helping, hope I may reach the target.

I have been studying to this for my test for the last 26 hours. Might have to ask the invigilator to play this to get in the zone :p

Sweet mother of god... you studied for 26 hours?! That is effing dedication! There is certainly no way you can't ace that test. Good luck (though you definitely don't need it)! Glad the music helped :p

I'm pretty obsessed with:




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EoaPhxNubL0 And...
(The first time I saw that movie I was just like wow this soundtrack is amazing and then I found out half was Einaudi... facepalm, OF COURSE IT WOULD BE AMAZING!) Also watch that movie if you haven't! So, so good! :D

Sorry I couldn't pick just one lol. You should check out my other playlist though if you haven't. I have like atl east a half dozen Einaudi songs in there haha!

The only addition that would make this already awesome playlist better would be the Chariots of Fire theme, cause nothing says motivates quite like Chariots of Fire

Fuck you are right! I am now stealing that idea for the next playlist I am currently putting together haha! :p Thanks!!

So glad you enjoyed it so much! Thanks for listening! I am working on another one which will be similar; just compiling music at the moment. You will have to check it out! :)