272 comments on An Epic Compilation of Awesomeness by Jinxygirl

Favorite part is when the Jurassic Park theme song came on and then followed by the Game of Thrones! Well done!

What can I say... I'm just a bauce ;) Jokes, but really I just love theme/soundtrack music! If you have any playlists or suggestions please let me know! I am always looking for new awesome music! Thanks for giving my playlist a listen! :)

I would say piano or classical mostly bc I can't concentrate at work with music that has lyrics. But besides that I love indie and oldies (motown especially)! I will be thankful for any suggestions! :)

haha thank you much! you'll probably like my earlier playlists. its nothing but indie music. :). i'll give you a follow amd listen to your playlists. cheers!!

You're so welcome! haha i just started your riptide playlist, seriously amazing stuff you have! I love it. Do you have a twitter? We have to stay in touch and exchange music! :)

I am technologically inept: I have a full keyboard phone still. I only found out about 8tracks a few months ago. I don't even know how to download music. In other words there is no way I have a twitter, but I have by sheer miracle I have email lol! Would love to listen to anything you could suggest! :)

Damn Highlight of my week... Cannot believe you found gladiators theme song :O ahhhhhh thank you so much, but i really do not know how on earth you find so much music :| luckly for me XD there are people like you XD so i can just dowload my favorites ;)

again thank you so much

Seriously thank you for all the kind words! So glad you liked it! Will try to get my ass in gear and finish the other one lol. If you have any suggestions for songs or have a playlist to share let me know please!! :D

Sorry im quite useless when it comes to that... and just chillax ;) dont rush things... from what I've heard..... DAMN GURL.... You gots this ;) hahah
best of luck XD

This is absolutely amazing! I love the music that you chose. They flow together very nicely, I love using this playlist for studying :D.

Loving the mix!! So intrigued to listen to your other mixes, but just can't get enough of all these beautiful sounds!!

Thank you! I just found out about 8tracks a few months ago so I am pretty slow at compiling mixes and stuff but I'm working on another one like this at the moment. Just listen to music all day at work and write down stuff I like haha. Glad you liked the playlist though! :)

Same here, still haven't made a mix yet... just enjoy listening whilst I am auditing. Hopefully I'll have something by the end of the year haha

studied physics with it, I know that I'll fail anyways but at least I enjoyed my time hearing this :D!

bahahhahahaha! (that seriously made me laugh out loud) Thanks for that. I really hope you pass though! Glad you liked it! :)

i find it absolutely fascinating.... this music sparks something within me... ahhh fantastic mix, all of it.... only on the tenth song.... But loving it ;) so thank you

Ah thanks! It's comments like this that make my day! Glad you are enjoying the mix though. I am currently in the middle of making another one haha. Already 3 hours long... I have a MUSIC OBSESSION! :p

Its music like yours that makes mine XD... and dont worry, completely normal for people to get obsessed with things that sound this good :| i swear its like drugs haha..... 3 hours and going... i wont lie... im quite excited :D