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Listening to this for the first time was like playing pass the parcel and it ALWAYS landed on me and I got to open all these amazing happy presents but I never knew what would be under the wrapping :D :D :D :D came for the puppy pic, staying for the music

@Schmanna Hahah glad you enjoyed it so much! I know it's a bunch of random music but they are all tunes that just make me feel happy and upbeat!

You watch a lot of movies don't you? 9 songs in: 500 days of summer, Ice Age, Martian child, Remember the Titans... Maybe it's just coincedence, still love it (:

Hahaha yeah I love movies and movie soundtracks. I have a bunch of study playlists that have a tons of movie scores in them too! Thanks for listening though and I'm glad you enjoyed it :)