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The Epitome of Soul Music


If you want to try and redeem your hipster souls then try listening to this playlist! This is collection of basically the only CDs I received as a child. Motown, blues, jazz, and soul music from the 40s, 50s, 60s, and 70s. I was born in the wrong generation...lol

44 tracks
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Hahahah well I am glad you enjoyed it so much! Unfortunately 8tracks or users keep removing the songs so I am missing a bunch of them. I need to find time to upload them myself! Thank you for listening though! :D

You nailed this one! I also grew up loving this stuff and always looked forward to that 'oldies morning show' on the radio :) This type of music always sounds so pure, it soothes the soul! Thanks for the playlist!

Thanks! It was originally better but like 15 songs have been deleted since I made this bc people took them off of Soundcloud :/ I will have to upload my own songs now. Glad you liked it though! :) Thanks for listening!