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the model home mix - Best of The O.C. - 5 hours


I spent many hours listening to all the songs played on the OC, choosing my favourites, and arranging them to tell the story of Marissa Cooper.
I also reproduced Marissa's mix album cover and this image is the best you will find on the net.
I also wrote in what scene was playing during the song so you can truly relive the show!

84 tracks
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Great job! Soundtrack of the OC are the part that amplify my interest in some scenes. OC has occupied great part of my childhood. These soundtracks awaken in me emotions that I understand better now ... Thankx thankx thankx for this playlist and for spent many hours to achieve that!

Thank you for this. In some ways the oc is a big part of my life. I still cry over Marissa's death and I will never get why Marissa and Ryan always fought and such. I miss it so much. I feel tears now rolling down my cheek.. but thank you x

@deadpetals Thanks for kind words. the OC was a huge part of my life as well. You should know, a youtuber has made 3 extra seasons of the OC - Google "The O.C. - 5x01, The New Beginning"