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i'm so in love;

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i know we met in april, but in my heart feels like i always knew who you were and always knew that it was with you that i would belong to the rest of my life; because of you my heart becomes the largest he can, and the strongest beats that he already hit in my whole life was because of you; because of you i can say i'm a fool in love with such a great pride and even shout to the whole world, because that is what i want to do whenever i see anything you do or when i see you, and you dwell in my mind as if you were my own brain and i'm not surprised to say yes, you are. you're it, you're my heart, my whole body. you are all that keeps me alive and being able to love, and look, i love you so so so much and you will always be all that i need. thank you for always doing so much to me and make me happy, iI hope to do the triple for you, angel.

@prkjm and all i can say is that i feel exactly the same, my darling; you make me feel everything that's good and i never believed that someone could truly do that to me, but no. you have your own powers over me and oh god, how i love them. you make me feel alive and make me want to be alive. this is the best time of my life because look, you're my fucking girlfriend! how luck am i, huh? i love you with all my sould, with everything that i have, and i always will; they can take my life, my soul but they can't take you away from me. thank you for existing and for giving me the best three months of my whole life! ps: you already do the triple, sunshine.