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There's Bound to Be Something in Here You'll Enjoy

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Yea, I'm not big on country except when I go offroading and camping...seems to be the only place where I find that genre to work. But ELO and CCR is where it's at...never lived during the 60's/70's but feel nostalgic about those times when their music comes up! Yeeeea Pyro is an easy going tune...I dig it...hard to not like any of their stuff.

These are the rest of the tracks I forgot:
Black History Month - Death From Above 1979
Dirt Room - Blue October
Ordinary Man - Chinese Man (not really alternative, but kinda works)
Freedom - Redhanded

I absolutely love CCR--which is weird because I usually hate country and they are boarderline twang. haha
I haven't heard that ELO song, most of the ones I know are from the Xanadu soundtrack. xD
Love Billy Talent, too. I have Closer bye KoL on my No-Pants mix. haha. My favorite's Pyro, though, which is in my sad mix.
All in all, great picks!

Phone app needs some work ...evil woman - ELO ...Saint Veronika - Billy Talent ... Black Saturday..and this is where my memory stops haha i have to refer to my playlist for the rest..

Actually used your playlist for my ipod playlist in my jeep..kept finding myself listening to it at home...i did add a few that I thought blended well and figured id share!