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hey, mister future,


let's make this imagination a reality.

**track 9 has more brass instrumentation than the equivalent in the zip file that's linked on tumblr

13 tracks
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Woaaahh hella cool. Relaxing and playful but man I got so excited at Imagination. GIVES ME SO MUCH POWER I SWEAR.

Also. True Love was a nice touch. That is definitely KageHina right there. Man I just finished a lot through this mix. It is 4 am and I feel so alive thank.

This mix is helping me cram at 2 am hours before my last day of high school, getting everything done i need to graduate. >:D Raaaad playlist

I love this mix so much okay. And the inclusion of Imagination towards the end just pumped me up SO MUCH. YEAAAAAH SPORTS BOYS