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A mix for the Chesapeake Blue/Cry to Heaven/When Jeff Comes Home Fusion plot bunny floating in my head: Kevin Quinn was kidnapped at 13 yrs old by a fanatical group trying to bring the castrato voice back to popularity. and has spent the last 3 years training for a career and culture that hasn't existed for 3 centuries. To his family's joy, he's been found and brought back home. But after years spent under the abusive vocal training of Carlo Treschi will he let himself stay?

11 tracks
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1. Il Vespero di Santa Cecilia-Psalm 112/113: Laudate // Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra
2. What the Water Gave Me // Florence + the Machine
3. Mass: Kyrie // Mozart via Robert Holzer
4. You Will Return // David Lang
5. The Childcatcher // Patrick Wolf
6. Return Again // Ólöf Arnalds
7. Carmina Burana, Stetit Puella // Kathleen Battle
8. No Light, No Light // Florence + Machine
9. By All Accounts (today was a disaster) // Emery
10. You've Gone Away Enough // Mirah
11. Lovers // Shigeru Umebayashi, Kathleen Battle