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pale green and grey


a xiumin centric mix inspired by 'saudade'
( http://madeofblue.livejournal.com/1088.html )
"Minseok thinks he has beaten loneliness, keeping it close, and befriending it.
When Lu Han comes along, with his sweet voice, long eyelashes, and overall beautiful
soul, it brings it all back. His heart clenches as he watches the boy on stage,
paying attention to the words he proclaims. He craves all of that."

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15 tracks
4 comments on pale green and grey

omg hi this is madeofblue/mouthwash and i know you made this like forever ago but i'm just somehow stumbled upon your mix AND ITS SO PERFECT ;______; hahaha. sorry if this is awkward. i'm just overwhelmed with emotions. i'll be listening to this for weeks now. thank you!!!1 <3333

I found this mix after reading the story and decided to just play it and I'm in lOVE. it fitted the fic perfectly (might or might not have shed a tear thinking about the fic while listening to this) words can't describe how much I love this. idk I don't usually comment stuffs buT I am in love with this mix omg

thank you so much! i really wanted to try and capture the overall atmosphere surrounding minseok's character with the help of songs i found appropriate so yeah it really means a lot!!