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st.augustine is that way


a mix inspired by 'st.augustine is that way', vowelinthug's wonderful domestic fic that hits all the right spots and tugs at your heartstrings with its refreshing take on post-series silverflint and in-character authenticity

just read this fic folks it's life-changing --> https://archiveofourown.org/works/7890004

i will be transferring my mixes to playmoss so follow me there > https://playmoss.com/en/jngn

10 tracks
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i was keeping it together AND THEN I GOT TO THE LAST SONG AND THAT COVER AND THEN I LOST IT ON THE TRAIN THANKS. ugh god why do i have to wait 8 hours to listen to it again wtf 8tracks

@vowelinthug IK I LOVE THAT SONG it's just so /silverflint/ ..... i am so so so happy you liked it i'm just sitting here like :')))) and ikr 8tracks's regulations are just too much..