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Oh btw. You will never be as smart as Mike Ross, but at least we can study to catch up.

Greatest songs (Personal Preference).

All great upbeat music. Instrumental. No song that cant be listened to while reading or writing.

  • Discombobulate by Hans Zimmer
  • Medieval Knights (Extend) by Sonic Symphony
  • Closing Credits: Bolero (Original Film Version) by Various Artists
  • Bachs Cello Suite No 1 by Anita Mozart
  • Shadows by Lindsey Stirling
  • In the Hall of the Mountain King by tofindasilverlining68
  • Vivaldi vs. Vertigo by David Garrett
  • Last Man Standing (feat. Killa Cal Wayne) by Lil’ Keke
8 tracks
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Thank you all for liking my mix. I have been very busy but will create a new mix.... Also with my own music creations. Started to learn how to mix music

I love everything about this playlist. I think "high energy+no vocals/instumental" should be a bigger thing! We need more playlists like this! Also Suits! I love that show. I'm planning on making a techno/dubstep/filthy version of this as a playlist, I'll keep you posted as I'm on winter break now and should have it up shortly.