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Happy Birthday!
You're going to get a real card but I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful year and more wonderful years after that. You're pretty great.
This is a painstakingly whittled down list of songs that at least vaguely relate to you/us (mainly us because I'm a narcissist). I think someone needed to tell us to chill and take some time apart because there are far too many songs that are linked to our extensive time together. It turns out it's difficult to distil 10+ years of spending a shed-load of time in each other's company into 18 songs.
There are 18 of them because you turned 18. It’s very clever and original, I know.

(I needed a picture and a name, sorry its cringe.)
(My mum wanted to call it the Playlist-that-shall-not-be-named but I shut that down, you're welcome.)

18 tracks
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