68 comments on Being so indie, you turn indian #2 by JoanneKim

in love!!! could you please send the playlist zip file to my email? the link doesnt work. i would be eternally grateful! lauren.s.wang@hotmail.com

Yes i am stalking you! You gave me the zip for Indie with a Wobble and this Zip is no longer available. Can you reactivate.

This mix is so good. I listen to it all the time yo! So if you have the time, can you send the zip file to my email? I would be unreasonably grateful! joncaruso@yahoo.com

hi! I love this mix! I'd like to download it but the link failed. Could you send it to my email: trishiagerobiese@gmail.com. Your first mix was great, too. :)

Super great mix! Could someone pretty please hit me up with the zip? The online filesharing has been removed! blsgf3@mail.umkc.edu Thanks bunches!

"The file you are trying to access is no longer available publicly.
Please contact the user who has shared this file with you." happened when I clicked your link :(