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Classical Music for Men

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This soundtrack was made based on a blog post with this same name. My idea was republish the songs listed there and add some others that I like.

Classical music is revolutionary music!

  • 'Ode to Joy' from Symphony No. 9 in D minor 'Choral', Op by Beethoven
  • Carmina Burana: Oh Fortuna by Doctor Who Prom 2010
  • Lieutenant Kijé' Suite - Excerpts from Troika by Philharmonia Orchestra
  • Trenzinho Caipira Heitor Villa Lobos by Casa De Teatro Lotado
  • Toccata in D minor by Johann Sebastian Bach
  • Bolerish by Ryuichi Sakamoto
  • The Gael (Last Of The Mohicans) by britishpiper
  • Passacaglia [From Kobol's Last Gleaming, Pt. 1] by Season One
  • Apocalypse Now by Richard Wagner
  • 1812 Overture (Finale) by Charles Gerhardt, Philharmonic Symphony Of London
10 tracks
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