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Four tracks including music by JustSomeRandomMusician, Midnight's Exile, and ganon95.

  • Stickerbush Symphony by Midnight's Exile
  • U.N. Owen Was Her (Electro Remix) [DL in description] by JustSomeRandomMusician
  • BIT.TRIP remix Part 1 by BEAT
  • BIT.TRIP remix Part 3 by Void
  • A Game Of Thrones (8bit Cover) by
  • Sonic.exe OST Hill Act 1 (Reversed) by Brandon D. 1
  • Megaman - X-vs - Zero - Ost - Remix - Maverick[1] by Nathã Berdeville
  • 千年幻想郷 ~ History of the Moon 8bit by Touhou
  • Who Killed U.N. Owen by Touhou Nightcore
  • The Legend Of Zelda: 8 Bit Song O' Storms by Khotarri
  • Midna's Desperate Hour by The Legend of Zelda [[8-Bit]]
  • Suicide Mission by Jack Wall
12 tracks
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