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Embracing The Hero


"Without warning it comes, crashing through the window of your study... and mine... I have seen it before, somwhere, it frightened me as a boy... frightened me. Yes father... I shall become... a bat"
Batman-Year One

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@Oğuz Karaman Lyrically it's very dark and deep, a winged man who flies around the "Ciudad de la Furia" (City of Fury), some kind of hidden vigalante that relates to the urban landscape. A Latin AmericanRock anthem that whilst being from Argentna, it found a way to be relatable with most of the mayor Latin cities

@Oğuz Karaman thanks man! Glad you liked it. And yes, I've been meaning to update it a bit, just haven't got the time but pretty soon I'll kick in more bad ass songs. Cheers!