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Strictly 90's (part 1)


A strictly 90's playlist. If you turned on the radio in '99, chances are you heard one of these songs immediately. There will be sequels to this list. Check back for them.

32 tracks
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Thank you! Yeah, I've noticed some unintentional inconsistencies between the tracks I chose and what came up on this list. I plan to fix them soon. I don't know if it's this list or my other 90's list but "Hero" is a strange version with audio from a Giants game. Thank you for helping me to understand why this happens. @dangandini

@tiedyedpants it happens because 8tracks exchange some songs for a Soundcloud match which might not match that well. I believe the live version of "Fell on Black Days" in this list is another example. I'd suggest him to edit the playlist and tag the soundcloud as incorrect for such versions. By the way, @joelbarish, great playlist! It's way different form the obvious 90s playlist around! :D