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For My Best Friend


1. (bc nobody wanna fuck with us)
2. (bc u real af)
3. (this one is obvious)
4. (just a reminder when ur holding that bleach bottle)
5. (bc you made 17 an age I wont forget)
6. (not gay)
7. (this one is me to you)
8. (bc u not)
9. (bc us)
10. (picked this one for obvious reasons)
11. (bc it reminds me of our petty)
12. (bc we crazy)
13. (tips)
14. (bc u my bitch)
15. (bc u are)
16. (another from me to you)
17. (bc we know u gay 4 me)
18. (reminder)
19. (bc we are)
20. (our attitude towards the cow)
21. (our attitude towards life)
22. (when u fucked w that bitch.)

22 tracks
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