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An Angry Blade

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two more things i noticed: you're doubly amazing because of your foxy grandpa icon and because your name seems to be an illusion to mass effect quarian commander kal'reegar? :D

oh my GOD this mix is absolutely stunning. wow. wow. fantastic job, the lyrics fit SO well, as well as the tone of the songs. (can i have the tracklisting?)

thank you so much! the tracklisting is as follows:
01. "20 Years" // The Civil Wars
02. "An Angry Blade" // Iron and Wine
03. "Jesus Christ" // Brand New
04. " I Can Feel a Hot One" // Manchester Orchestra
05. "Holocene" // Bon Iver
06. "Kingdom Come" // The Civil Wars
07. "Wolves at Night" // Manchester Orchestra
08. "C’est La Mort" // The Civil Wars
09. "Down in the Valley" // The Head and The Heart
10. "My Little Girl" // Jack Johnson