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Nightcore for night work - vol.08


Some motivation for working all night long for a freaky dead line ...or just for working at all!

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15 tracks
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This is all nightcore

Take a hint
the zombie song
hips don't lie
to feel alive, some more music i think you'll like i need more time to get you more.

@PumkaBooPie take a hint is one of my favorite :) i put it on my vol.10 mix actually ;) i will listen the others , thanks a lot!

@PumkaBooPie : Thanks for the comments! ...and the music recommendation, i'm gonna listen up and maybe add in the next mix :) yeay! (still looking for a couple of song before putting it online)

@hannahkleoperd1 Thanks! It's always nice to know that someone like my playlist! 'Thought the same thing about finding some nightcore. and I do prefer be connected on 8tracks all day long than Youtube. If you have any suggestions, feel free to say it, i'm always looking for new song!