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Chill beats + Sick Flow

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least favorite mix i've heard on this site. wiz is just awful and gambino is not impressive so far. PLAYED OUT PUNCHLINES SON

your real dumb if you think gambino uses the same punchlines, wiz isnt very good but get over it, and you obviously dont know about good music so go back to listening to waka and gucci, BUUURRR bro. smh

i meant that gambino is pretty generic as far as punchline rappers go. and just because i don't like this music, doesn't mean that i like music you consider inferior. try some j cole or some freddie gibbs

1st, Gambino has sick flow, which is what this mix was meant to be about. 2nd, I like j-cole and have used him in one or two of my other mixes so there you go. 3rd, wiz is catchy, id have to admit that he doesnt have the best rhymes but its easy listening.