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Best music to have while studying, reading or chilling


hours of relaxing music soundtracks to play in the background while concentrating on work, reading a good book with cup of tea, or simply to unwind yourself from a busy day :)

it works well with the rain when i'm working...

Occasionally updated. (last update August 28, 2014)

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66 tracks
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Wonderful moments again. Moments that I wished for such a long time & today when listening the second time this playlist, they become true. It´s a miracle. I´m glad received your sign ! May you & your heart be blessed ! Thank you so much Sir !!!

Yes, it´s a wonderful playlist and absolutely perfect for studying. I tried for so long times now, to solve an issue at my work. I had no success. Today I listened for the first time to this playlist. Now my issue is solved, realy unbvelievable, wow, I´m speechless !!!

Wonderful playlist for studying! I did end up distracting myself the first time i listened to it because i tried to guess what movie each song was from without looking :)