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I have a lot of feelings about these dorks.

Mix starts at their parents' deaths and getting used to being a two-person family then moves through Wickham/Gigi's recovery, then growing to respect and know each other as adults, followed by Lizzie problems and Gigi not knowing what's going on but knowing there's something wrong and convincing her brother to keep on trucking while they both deal with their own recent heartbreaks. The finale number is all about ~transformation.


17 tracks
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can i just say how much love is like a bottle of gin is the most darcy-esque song i've ever heard in my life? i have an image of him expressing similar sentiments to fitz when the latter takes him out to try and cheer him up (i.e. get him drunk enough to explain himself)

Thank you! I so agree. He also seems like the kind of person who would have a lot of pretentious and annoying opinions on the history of different types of alcohol and would discuss them all at length when drunk. Oh, Darcy.