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Trolling with the power of ROCK v1 (Upbeat ROCK)

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Trolling with the power of ROCK v1 (Upbeat ROCK) is currently not streamable. Learn More.


  • Pony Rock Anthem by TheLandNarwhal
  • 20% Cooler Supersonic Hurricane Edition by pranksterpinkiepie
  • Beat It MIchelle Creber and Gabriel Brown by kswint1855
  • My Little pony intro (Alex S. remix) by LR (Lets Rave)
  • Gyspy Bard REMIX (Reupload) by MScoot
  • Love is in Bloom Remix by Aviators
  • Apples To The Core (PonyFireStone Remix) by PonyFireStone
  • You've Got The Music (Foozogz DELIGHT MIX) by FoozogzPepperBrony
8 tracks
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