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Kosmische Musik

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Girl Call by Guru Guru was so cool! I thought of Bardo Pond, Hovercraft, and a touch of Bevis Frond. 1970? This track also makes me wonder if you know Leighton Beezer? The second track made me think of moments of Spiritualized meets CAN. Gotta get me some Guru Guru apparently.

Tangerine Dream. . . imagine how bad they would been if they had grown up with laptop computers. Electronic Meditation? still sounds like people jamming with a bit of "lookatme, lookatme, lookatme", guitar or flute noodling. Nothing electronic about it to our digital ears. Craftspeople nonetheless. When I think of when these TD tracks were recorded, I have to shake my head in wonder.

I was listening to Annexus Quam for some time before I realized that we had switched out of Tangerine Dream. I was getting a little bored. Ironically, that was when the track faded. I quickly made a comparison to The Grassy Knoll.

Amon Düül: sounds dated, and yet, precious.

Cosmic Jokers: All this was happening in the early 70's? I can't imagine what I am missing today.

I instantly thought that Spiritualized and Serge Gainsbourg had a threesome with Withuser & Westrupp.