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Short attention span

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In making this mix I was shocked how the Sex Pistols songs are quite long and seemingly tame, even compared to the jazz snippets. I happen to really love The Plasmatics (check my Flickr record cover feed), The Holy Modal Rounders (previously mentioned) and Red Noise, who are just outrageously gorgeous. I think you get the sense of nonsense/cacaphony in the music I like. I do love The Monkees, too! Mickey Dolenz is pretty punk rock.

It is interesting how threatening most of this mix sounded to me when I first heard the songs. And yet, today, all punk sounds like the Monkees to me (In a good way). The exceptions were the Plasmatics who still kinda freak me out and Red Noise and The Holy Modal Rounders who were new to me and seemed timeless. And of course, Dead Kennedys, are alien.