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Songs From My Youth: Volume 1


The late 60s and early 70s - one of the best periods for music ever - jr. high and high school - an inquisitive and adventurous mind just ripe for bad influences - here are 40 of my all-time favorite songs from that period - songs that I listened to over and over again until all hours of the night - chock-full of hazy but great memories - 40 different artists - 3.4 hours of music - Santana - Jesse Colin Young - Roy Buchanan.

40 tracks
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Thanks for the nice comments. I'm glad you enjoyed it. There are so many great songs from that era to choose from - I'll have to do another one some time. Take care!

Really nice! Not your typical 60's/70's mix. These are songs of my youth too, like an old FM station playlist. I loved that you included many non-hits like Where do the Children Play, Dirty Work, Ridgetop, Samba Pa Ti, We Were Always Sweethearts, and others. I'm going to listen to it again!