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i want you

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ahh it's no problem at all! hope your day is going Alright! just wanted to inform you that she recently changed her url to @cavepools,, i'm sorry if i seem so bothersome. yet again, hope your day's kind to you :)

@tenuou.s its absolutely no problem! im glad you informed me! my day is going very well, thank you. hope you're day is alright as well : )

hey!! i think the creator of this cover (the creator makes zines and poetry on tumblr @creuxing) was made by @creuxing, and I think she would appreciate it if you mention credit in the description of your mix? i dont mean this to be rude in any way possible, i hope you have a day as great as you are x

@tenuou.s oh yes, im sorry about that. i will add that in the description. terribly sorry. thank you for telling me, and in such a gentle way (im very sensitive, you know). have a nice day. : )