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Music for the studying mind vol. 10 - EPIC mix


My 10th study mix and time for something a little... louder. Featuring some of the more epic tracks from videogames and films. Featuring the works of Alan Silvestri, Jack Wall, Marc Streitenfeld and many more. Study hard!

24 tracks
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Great mix but not for studying. At least, epic mixes don't work for me. I get distracted. I need classical music that don't make you sleepy, basically. I love the rest of your mixes but this one is not for studying :(

Sorry that it hasn't helped you :( But I think it depends on the type of study. This might not have helped me during my Law degree, but I come back to it time and time again while I'm coding videogames for my current studies!

You're so right, it depends on what you're studying. My problem with too epic tracks is that suddenly drums go loud or the music gets all emotional chan-chan-chaaan! and I'm like WHOA and think Batman's coming :P Fortunately for me, you've made 14 other studying playlists and I'm already on number 11 and favouriting all :D So thank you very much for finding classical or instrumental songs that don't make you sleepy (I don't like when tags study and sleep are both in the same playlist... I want to concentrate, not sleep! :P)

Yeah there are some tracks that I'm listening to, thinking, "This will be perfect for my next study mix!". Then all of a sudden BAM - drums/violins/orchestra in general smashes my eardrums and I know that I can't use it for my normal mix. Basically when I made this EPIC mix, I used a bunch of tracks I loved, but hadn't really been able to use in my other, more mellow (but not sleepy!) mixes. Love the feedback, though - and thanks for listening!

I write my best action adventure with this mix. Absolutely love it. I use it for practically everything. I don't think I've ever felt like I've saved the world by cleaning the house until I listened to this mix while cleaning. :) THANK YOU!!!

I'm honestly speechless over how amazing this mix is. I've so glad I stumbled upon it. It's like the dream playlist I never knew I wanted. Everything I study now seems so epic and exciting! Thank you so much!

Thank you so much for your kind words, annabtran! I'm so glad you liked it and that I could share some of the amazing music with you! All the best!