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Music for the studying mind vol. 8


After a 3 month hiatus, here is the 8th instalment in my 'Music for the studying mind' series. Includes soothing sounds from Yanni, Jeremy Soule and Carter Burwell. Play in the background to enhance this mix. Enjoy!

21 tracks
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That moment when im writing and the Elder Scrolls soundtrack comes on...Most amazing moment of my life. Yes. Just Yes.

These exercises of procrastination that you mention were to be my distraction away from my studies. Lucky I found this in time!! The tracks smoothly connect to one another, slowly paving the road to freedom! Jeremy Soule rocks and you rock!!

YES! You even have a track from Skyrim! I love Jeremy Soule. First discovered him with the HP game soundtracks.
Well done with all of your soundtrack playlists! You must be very hard-working ;)

I love him too! My first experience with him was in Morrowind. I backed a Kickstarter project of his a few months back that's due sometime next year. Ironically, making these mixes were often exercises in procrastination haha.

I'm applying for jobs currently and definitely thinking the rain generator plus yanni is giving me good luck vibes. All in all though, a GREAT mix.

Thank you for all your kind comments on my mixes! I really appreciate the feedback. I love this Yanni song. And rainymood really makes it even more excellent. All the best for the job hunt, Lux! May the Yanni be with you!