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Music for the studying mind vol. 9


A long time coming, but finally here. One of my favourite mixes so far, if I do say so myself. I hope you enjoy and I hope it helps with your study! About 80 minutes of music from John Lunn, Alan Menken and James Horner (plus many more!).

18 tracks
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oh my gosh! I was studying all concentrated and then the game of thrones theme came on... I lost my track of thought thinking about the last episode I watched!! hahaha still it's an awesome mix! I'm a fan from mixes 6, 7, 8 and 9 so far... the first ones are not really my taste... but they do keep getting better and better! :D

Ah I think mix 6 was where it started to get a bit more soundtrack-y. Mix 10 is a little louder (as you might guess from its title) so I'd be interested to hear what you think of it :)
And that's funny about the Game of Thrones theme - it wasn't as popular two years ago (when I made this mix) as it is now, so not as many people had heard the theme song. If I was making this mix again, I probably wouldn't include it for the exact reason you've stated. Thanks so much for your feedback!

I think you deserve a wikipedia entry fro noticable music mixes of the 21th century!
Thank you.

Would it be possible if you uplodaed your playlists in an exportable format, say spotify? or simply a list of songs!

Haha thanks, mate! I have been told by a friend that you can use a program called jDownloader to get the music off a 8tracks playlist. Install the program (which is not hugely user friendly, and I'm not much help because I don't use it), copy the 8tracks mix URL into it and it should give you a list of all the tracks in the mix in m4a format ready for you to download. Failing that, give me your email address and I will send you a list of all the tracks in my playlists :)

But hey I noticed something, Now I can see all the names of the songs on this playliste!
Awesome, hope it would be possible on 9 other playlists too ;)

jDownloader didnt acctually give the song names in a list. Thank you.