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사실은... 나는 언제나 네 생각을 하고 있어


Songs that most of the times make my feel fuzzy on the inside but sometimes just sometimes make me cry, make me angry but as love goes you always find hapiness again in it.
The thing with love is memories are always left by it, good ones, bad ones...despite how sad remembering them make me there were times when i felt equally happy by them. The pain and laughter i don't wanna forget, i don't wanna ever forget how love feels, even if love stopped meaning that person.

It's funny how this started as just random songs about such feelings yet it became exactly how i am right now, how we were, how we felt and how we end.

NOTE: +3 there were 3 songs i didn't include inicially i might had not wanted to accept they still make me crybut here they are~ can anyone tell which ones are new?

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