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Bus Ride Series: MARCH


Where did February go?

March to me means the begining of a new cycle, that's when school start here and also when spring is about to blossom in the north hemisphere. For those who like me are worried about life and the path they are taking, let's forget it all while going back home with the begining of this playlist and gain some strength to keep going with the last ones. Eventually everything will fall into place and if not, then let's just try again till it does.

[note: Due to 8tracks new regulations this might or might not be my last playlist since i don't live in the area where they let you stream and use the app BUT let's see how everything goes and if I can find a way to make it to April with a new playlist. Thank You to all of you who supports this serie! ^-^/]

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@ShowLuo It's a screencap from Innisfree webdrama '달콤청춘', I'm not sure of which episode exactly although i have watched it multiple times hahaha but it's a short drama with beauty tips so maybe you wanna watch it ^-^/ (it's probs one of the last episodes when the sunbae gets a job and she's in the bus and accidentaly calls him, he asks her out so she goes back home to put on some makeup lol)