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it’s rough, y’know?
i dunno.
it’s weird to talk about it.
but y’know.
everything is okay, right?
things could be worse.
but like.
sometimes stuff happens that like.
never stops happening?
it’s hard to describe.
sometimes after a long day, it's all there.
stuff that happens to me or my friends that’s just so… heavy.
stuff that, if you think about it for too long…
it just seems impossible to carry.
i dunno.
sometimes i imagine it as someone saying something like:
“i miss you.”
or like:
“i wish you'd talk to me.”
“i’m so sorry for what i did.”
i dunno.
there’s nothing really to be done about it.
but it’s there.
oh geez, i’ve been talking for too long, haven't i?
sorry, i know we've got a lot to do.
hey, let's meet up next week, yeah?

(a sad autumn mix, for you and me.)

17 tracks