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high school; love

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high school is the right time to find a sweetheart {a mix based on either music video storyline or the lyrics}

  • 200% by Fabian Jow
  • Give Love by Akdong Musician
  • You Are My Star by Suzy
  • Apink EunJi & Seo In Guk by All For You
  • Someday IU by Dream High OST
  • 교생쌤 by NC.A (앤씨아)
  • 으르렁 Growl by EXO
  • Beautiful (Lyrics) by B2ST BEAST
  • I Like You The Most by B2ST
  • Ost. Reply 1997 by All For You
  • 01 Dream High by namasayasotam
  • I'm Different Feat. (iKON) Bobby by Lee Hi & (AKMU) Suhyun
12 tracks
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