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8tracks Radio Joomla Module

Joomla is one of the largest and most mature open source content management systems on the planet powering millions of sites in over 30 languages. The community, extensions, support and team are all awesome!

To acknowledge this and help support the open source community we have worked with a founding member of the Joomla community, Emir Sakic, to bring you the best in social music sharing... for free.

Like all Joomla extensions the 8tracks radio module is easy to install, assign to pages and where on the mixes should be displayed. Playlists can be displayed based on what you specify in the module settings from the Joomla administration. Settings sensitive to the 8tracks module include allowing you to specify if the playlists should play automatically play when the page loads.

Specify any of the following to determine the type of playlists that will be displayed on your site:

  • A single playlist by URL
  • A DJ's latest playlists
  • Selected playlists featuring an artist
  • Playlists tagged with one or more genre, mood or activity tags
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Download 8tracks Radio Joomla module 1.0