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Brutality and Humanity


"He is not monster, he is human. The only people who do this shit are humans. If there is any chance we can learn from the events we have to stop monsterising things." - Rufus Sewell

Fan mix approximately describing John Smith's journey from before the war until the last episode of the series' first season. Only significantly edited song is Maroon 5's Harder to Breathe - it's without second verse to fit the purpose.

List of songs' annotations here:

P.S. I appreciate John Smith as a complex character in an interesting fictional world, I do not approve Nazism/Fascism. I abhor philosophy and history of that rubbish.

16 tracks
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Love this playlist! :D John Smith is a complex character & Rufus Sewell plays him so well. There's such a small fandom for TMITHC & only 2 playlists on here. Makes me sad :/ Hope you make one for season 2!